Jon Reyman is a hair stylist, business owner, educator, and partner to some of the most influential designers and businesses in the industry, from Oscar de la Renta to Pyer Moss, from Dyson Inc to Estee Lauder Companies. He leads up to 15 shows during fashion month working with teams in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Dubbed the go-to stylist for beauty editors, Jon has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hollywood Reporter, Into The Gloss and has made guest appearances on E!, The TLC Network, Access Hollywood, and Bravo TV.

Off the runway, Jon is the creative force behind Spoke & Weal’s haircutting and styling programs and has brought dry-cutting into the mainstream of modern haircutting practice. He values utility and simplicity in his work and sees beauty in what’s natural and useful.

“Dry hair tells no lies,” says stylist Jon Reyman of his penchant for dry cutting, which involves wielding his shears on strands well before a drop of water enters the equation. The method, which reduces any guesswork, is not just for the stylist (“you can’t see shape, density, texture, damage, or color when hair is wet”), but also for the client (who can see the cut taking shape and gain emergency call time if that lob looks like it’s turning into a bob). “It allows you to tailor a haircut to fit the individual perfectly,” Reyman explains. “You can really see what you’re getting.”

Service is started with a scalp massage and followed by a shampoo and blow-dry. Once the hair is fully dry and smooth, the cut begins…The reason for his reverse method? “We don’t hide bad cuts with good styling.” – Vogue Magazine

Find Jon cutting and styling hair in NYC, LA, SF and all the Spoke & Weal locations. Call or email ahead to schedule appointments.


A global guest artist to the hair industry’s leading brands, Christine Thompson has honed her craft as a colorist specializing in corrective color and color change. Christine maintains two primary focuses in her work: protecting hair from damage and creating rich, natural hair color.

“Not only is natural color safer, Christine argues that natural color, especially from the Aveda line which they rely on, produces a longer-lasting, more realistic color. Aveda’s hair colors are infused with oils that cause less damage (hence the longer wear) and the natural chemistry relied on for these new natural solutions results in, surprise, more natural hair tones.” -The Chalkboard Mag

Christine’s conscious product choices align with what inspires her in her work every day—natural beauty.

“Color and light fill the natural world in a dimensional and progressive way—I look to nature for inspiration in both hair color formulation and color application.”

For our color department, Christine’s mentorship means continuous development in the highest level formulation, application, and visual techniques.

“One thing I have committed myself to is training in and refining my craft. I stay curious. I never let “being great” keep me from being in a learners mind.”-Hey Mama Co.

Christine services guests and trains the team in Spoke & Weal salons across the country, call or email ahead for appointments!